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End-Time Prophecies Revealed
Release Date: July 31 2017
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Christian Theology
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End-Time Prophecies Revealed
Part 1: Antichrist and the Seals

Jesus Christ is returning very soon!

In this book, Dr. Poon uses thoughtful exegesis to unlock the end-time prophecies that have been sealed until now. He explains how the Bible predicted the World Wars, the Cold War, and the current Syrian crisis. He reveals the scriptural passages that hold prophecies to be fulfilled in our lifetime.

The antichrist is poised on the world stage. The current governments in Iraq and Syria will be toppled. Terrorism, war, extensive famine, and deadly epidemics will dominate a quarter of the earth in the next three years. A ten-nation Islamic Alliance will rise, leading up to 2022, when a Middle East peace treaty will be signed.

End-Time Prophecies Revealed helps you understand Daniel and Revelation, decoding mysteries like 666 and the beast. Above all, this book shows how you can escape the coming apocalyptic catastrophes.


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