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God or Mammon?
Release Date: January 02 2017
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Christian Leadership
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God or Mammon?
Understanding the Source and Purpose of True Kingdom Wealth

For many years, the body of Christ around the world has been subject to criticism owing to many Christians’ attitudes toward finances and the doctrine of financial prosperity. But where have things gone wrong? Many whom God has entrusted with money have used it to advance their selfish interests at the expense of the advancement of the kingdom of God and society at large.

While being financially prosperous is not sinful in itself, the motive behind the desire for money and its subsequent use often conflicts with biblical standards. The Bible makes a clear distinction between Mammon and God. Both are spirits, and both influence the motive, source, and use of finances.

A new breed of kingdom-minded Christian who can be entrusted with heaven’s resources must emerge. This book will surely uncover the true source and purpose of finances for Christians who desire to extend the kingdom of God on earth.

In this book, you will learn:
• The difference between kingdom-driven prosperity and Mammon-driven prosperity.
• The perils and dangers of Mammon in the body of Christ.
• The kingdom-centered financial practices of a twenty-first century church.
• The blessings of giving and the correct ways to give to God and society.
• The biblical source of sustainable wealth for a thriving life and ministry.


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