Deep Impact
Dundalk, ON
Release Date: August 11 2016
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Christian Life, Mental Health
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Deep Impact
Keys to Integrating Theology and Psychology in the Treatment of Complex Traumatic Stress

Fear. As humans, we experience fear repeatedly throughout our lives. This book goes beyond these times of fear to explore the realm of terror. Terror creates a psychological and spiritual disconnect that has the ability to affect individuals and groups for their entire lives. This is a book about the symptoms and effects of such terror.
In this book, A. E. Gillies seeks to educate the Christian church (both professionals and laity) to identify the wounded warriors who have suffered such terror in order to hear their stories and to expand our understanding of how repeated terrorization can create complex traumatic stress. It is a book that looks at the psychological and spiritual nature of human attachment and how insecure attachment can develop in childhood due to traumatic experiences.


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