Mommy, When Can We Go To Church?
Brockville, ON
Release Date: March 24 2015
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Christian Life, Autobiography
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Mommy, When Can We Go To Church?
My Walk To and With God

An autobiography like no other.

How can a young girl dream of a future when she’s told she won’t have one? How can a family get on the right track—and stay on it—through a flurry of hardships faced so early in their growth together? This is all possible with the help of an inquisitive child.

The story of Jaime Adams’ life isn’t just of a child, but an entire family going through rough times—some would say, trials and tribulations. In Mommy, When Can We Go to Church? Jaime tells the tale of how faith, love, hope, and joy came together to give her a full life when she seemed to have no future.


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