My Fanatical, Regrettable Tour of Ministry
Release Date: September 22 2011
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Christian Life
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My Fanatical, Regrettable Tour of Ministry
Memoirs of a Zealous Leader who Trips Landmines in the Church

All Ron Mahler really aspired to be in life was an artist. The stars seemed to be aligned that way. However, after struggling to come to faith in Christ, God threw a heavenly curveball his way and issued him a swift call to the ministry. That’s when his struggles really began. Not only were the first four churches he served in loaded with trials of many kinds, but he ended up leaving three of them consecutively, under duress. It was a long road back, each of the three ministries having had their own unique brand of disaster written all over them. Ron’s greatest challenge went deeper than his need to forgive those who had hurt him; he also had to forgive himself.
Consequently, Ron became a man caught between the ministry he was absolutely enamoured with and the tribulations inherent in church life. In addition, he experienced numerous onslaughts from the enemy of his soul, as Hell’s devilish schemes sought to weaken his spiritual resolve and put an end to his ministry. Through all the twists and turns, second-guessing, and painful learning curves, you are invited to take a ride on his fanatical, regrettable tour of ministry. Although the final destination is unknown, its path has led to some surprising—even rewarding—events and discoveries!


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