Vengeance is Mine!
Edmonton, AB
Release Date: January 15 2011
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True Crime/Biography
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Vengeance is Mine!
A story that needs to be told

Vengeance is Mine! is the true story of one man’s devastating trials. When Dano was thirty-six years old, his closest brother was murdered by members of a criminal organization. Charges have never been laid in the case.

After losing the most solid person he had ever known, Dano was changed forever. He was full of hate! All he wanted was his revenge, but the Lord had different plans for him. Upon being tested, Dano experienced his soul’s awakening! He discovered that he was not in fact the man he thought he was. God allowed him to be tempered through his life’s experiences, so that he could use him for a greater purpose. The Lord instructed Dano to share the light he was given with the world, so that others too may find their way through the darkness in this life.

This is his powerful message to the world of forgiveness and redemption. We must turn the other cheek and love our enemies. We must be greater than the evil men of this world!


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